Hungary NEXT

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Giving a smile to your destination

We will break up with the boring and empty solutions by the implementation of the most respected and youngest tourism team's creative concepts.

In order to do this, we add a strategy, a plan, and even a brand that makes your destination appealing to locals, investors, and guests alike.

Your area, which can be a city, a region, or an attraction, requires professional care. Don't leave it to the chance, come, look ahead and move forward.

Dive into the world of digital tourism


Our aim is to promote Hungary, working in partnership with tourism experts, creative and communication professionals, the authorities, and probably you:

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With our professional team, with our commitment we are able to support the economic growth as a whole, the awareness of our country and its capital, Budapest:

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Through our promotional experiences as well as activities, we wish to encourage visits, partnerships and investments. To make your destination cool:

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What makes a tourism destination easy-to-love?

Mr. Norbert Deak (29), CEO

A quote from our strategic partner

"Hungary NEXT is a professional branding workshop specializing in tourism. Not only are their bloodline professionals the best at managing and building their projects, but the brands they cultivate are born with incredible creativity and sustainability.

We fully believe in their goals and support them now, with our technology expertise: these efforts are to provide a robust, intuitive, and innovative system to support their day-to-day work and their customers.”

Kind regards

Gábor Bódis, founder